It is increasingly recognised that business has a critical role to play in delivering more environmentally-friendly production and consumption, otherwise society will not be able to contain climate change; resources will become scarcer; and ecosystems further damaged. For all manufacture, including the angling trades, this means making products which minimise negative environmental impacts during production and subsequent use.

Sustainability is about creating environmental and social value, not just economic. It challenges business to rethink how it uses resources and the environmental and social footprint of its activities. This can make business more resilient to today’s and future market risks. Addressing these responsibilities can build brand following and increase employee motivation.

fish21 services

Whether your business is consider to how to start its sustainability journey, or already more experienced, we offer tailored professional services.

1) New product development – It is widely believed that at least 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined at the design stage. We work with clients to consider sustainability considerations from product conceptualisation, through to design, development and marketing.

2) Project management – we bring a systems thinking approach to achieve specific sustainability objectives and to tight timescales, required quality and within budget

3) Advocacy and secretariat – we provide professional services to ‘task and finish’ working groups to progress both business and sector-wide sustainability initiatives.

4) Stakeholder engagement – we are highly experienced at unlocking sustainability opportunities through new partnerships and bringing together stakeholders in common cause.

5) Strategy development – facilitating the alignment of business activities with sustainability objectives.

6) Supply chains – risk register development enabling supply chain risks and opportunities to be identified and prioritised.