“Putting Sustainability at the heart of Angling …”

Our mission: To deliver economic opportunities for business clients whilst helping solve today’s sustainability challenges


1. To create environmental and social value, not just economic value in angling products and services.

2. To build client brand following and employee satisfaction through environmental and social responsibility.

3. To develop sustainable angling solutions for today’s and future generations.

4. To use innovation to continuously drive sustainability in new product development.

World Sea Turtle Day 2018

In support of World Sea Turtle Day (16th June), fish21 in partnership with SingleHooks launched its infographic on using certified inline circle hooks to aid live release of marine by-catch. Please contact us to discuss fish21’s proposed universal circle hook certification scheme.

UN World Environment Day

‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ – this year’s World Environment Day theme – a call to action to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time. fish21 presented to 900+ people worldwide on sustainable fishing line use at IEMA’s webinar. As part of the presentation (starts at 22.54 mins), we launched our jointly branded infographic with GGGI.

Anglers National Line Recycling Survey

fish21 was delighted to partner with both the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme and Global Ghost Gear Initiative to prepare the executive summary report on their line survey.


On 29th June, fish21 delivered a talk and workshop on ‘sustainability and the tackle trade’ at the Efttex Expo, Amsterdam. Our August 2018 Tackle Trade World feature reports back from the Expo, where we recommended that the tackle trade worked together to solve common sustainability challenges, starting with single-use plastic packaging.